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SENSayThis is a website for parents of children with special educational needs (SEN), their friends and supporters. We’ve started it because, as SEN parents ourselves, we feel that the current schooling system is not adequately meeting the needs of our children.

While politicians and education professionals claim to value our views; the reality on the ground is that those views are often ignored – and we are left to pick up the pieces.

SEN provision in Britain could be vastly improved if parents like us could speak with a united voice, to demand more expertise, money and political will be expended on behalf of our children. All we want is genuine choice and opportunity for their schooling, whether in mainstream or specialist settings.

Sensay.co.uk is an independent, non-profit-making forum where we can come together and work out the best way to achieve that united voice. As a starting point, we invite you to share here your experiences and opinions of the SEN system and tell us what your priorities and concerns are.

We would also like you to suggest ways in which to organise this fledgling website most constructively. Should we, for example, include regional pages, so that we can elicit stories of the goings-on in each LEA, and highlight those that demonstrate good and bad practice?

Should we break it up into strands concerned with particular special needs? Should we be a forum, too, for academics to share the latest research on what educational strategies provide the best outcomes for SEN children?

We want to hear your ideas and will do our best to reflect them online. The more people comment and get involved, the more effectively we will be able to influence and call to account those who make decisions on behalf of our children.

Please pass details of this website to anyone you know who might be interested. And please get in touch, too, if you have any skills to offer that might be useful in improving it: web designers, event organisers, PRs, local SEN group co-ordinators and so on.

Please have your say, here at sensay.co.uk.

As featured in the Independent on Sunday.